Custom Engagement Rings For Couples

It is perfectly acceptable for both members of a couple to wear an engagement ring that showcases their love for their partner. If you and your significant other are planning a joint wedding proposal that will involve the exchange of two rings, use the tips below to help you choose custom jewelry.

Timeless Pieces

Timeless jewelry pieces are ones that you and your significant other can proudly wear throughout your lifetimes. Classic stones, metal varieties, and design elements will be complementary to fashion trends and lifestyle choices that you and your partner pursue during each phase of your lives.

A jeweler who handcrafts rings can show you some ring styles that have remained popular. During a consultation with the jeweler, inquire about diamond and gemstone sizes and shapes that they feature. A jeweler will provide pricing variables for the embellishments that you and your loved one like. The jeweler will demonstrate various metal band styles that will complement the setting style that you and your partner are considering.

Personal Preferences

Pursue ring styles that contain distinct details that showcase each of your personalities. A beautiful engraving, the placement of accent stones, or the addition of a custom inscription can make a ring feel more personalized.

Use an online engagement ring design tool to sample various ring layouts that contain the personal details that you have both selected. Print out some design layouts that are of interest. Share these layouts with the jeweler who will handcraft the set of engagement rings.

Display Considerations

If an engagement ring will be paired with a wedding band, consider the height of the ring setting and the shape of the band. An engagement ring that will rest next to a wedding band should contain details that will not prevent the two rings from aligning perfectly. A jeweler who designs custom pieces can guide you in designing an engagement ring and wedding band that pair well together.

If an engagement ring will be worn on the left hand for the time being, but will eventually be secured around your neck or your significant other's neck, shop for a chain. The style of the chain should coincide with the style of the ring. The chain should be sturdy enough to support the weight of the ring. If the ring and chain won't be worn when exercising or participating in other strenuous activities, shop for a jewelry box that can be used to temporarily store the pieces of jewelry.

For more information on engagement rings, contact a company near you.

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