Unique Handcrafted Wedding Bands

Intricate shapes, a variety of gemstones, and custom etchings can go into designing a handmade wedding band that will be worn on the day you and your spouse exchange vows. Some jewelers and artisan crafters offer a line of unique wedding rings that can be further customized by a customer.

Intricate Shapes

A traditional wedding band is circular in shape and meets all the way around the finger. This type of band is simplistic and is designed to showcase a diamond or engraving that runs across the front of the band. Unique bands may feature infinity symbols, geometric shapes, and a conglomeration of asymmetrical shapes that are designed to stand out. Intricate shapes that are used to create a band could also focus on an individual's astrological sign or name.

A band that will pertain to an end user's birthdate could be shaped to represent an astrological sign. If a name or initial is going to be used in a band design, a jeweler may use a distinct letter or group of letters to shape the portion of the band that will be facing upward.

A Variety Of Gemstones

A group of authentic or faux gemstones can be used to accent a unique handmade wedding band. It is customary for a wedding ring to showcase a diamond, but modern times are more flexible and may encourage a couple to seek other ways to accent their personal interests.

Gemstones can be reflective of someone's favorite colors or can be representative of a season or a special occasion when an individual and their significant other first met. A jeweler or an artisan crafter can place gems evenly or randomly across the surface of a wedding band. A group of gemstones that are uniquely colored can make a wedding band a true showstopper.

Custom Etchings

Custom etchings can be added to the outside of a band. A crafter who uses etching to create unique wedding bands may suggest using symbols, heartfelt words, and dates to make a ring a one-of-a-kind. Both parties who are getting married may choose to have rings designed that are similar.

If a set of rings are going to tell a detailed story, each ring can showcase etchings that are representative of one part of the story. These types of rings will be symbolic of a couple's personal journey. Diamonds, gemstones, and other accent materials can be added to a wedding band that contains custom etchings. 

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