How To Choose An Engagement Ring That Will Shine Like Your Love

Rings are a symbol of unbroken love and devotion, and a diamond engagement ring only strengthens that bond with a stone that never loses its sparkle. Your wedding set will be a forever reminder of your love for each other, so it's important to use care when choosing your diamond. For a guide on what to look for when you are shopping, read on. 

Precious Metals

For the band that will hold the diamond, you will find a wide variety of metals to choose from. White metals like platinum and white gold are extremely popular. Undoubtedly, wearers cherish white metals because of their clean appearance and the way they set off a sparkling stone. For greater durability, consider affordable stainless steel or titanium bands for the groom. For some time, dark metals for the gentleman have been popular, and it doesn't get much darker than black tungsten. This metal is incredibly durable and handsome when fashioned into a simple band.

How to Choose a Diamond

Even though many may not agree, the size of the diamond is not the aspect that translates into its cost. After all, an enormous diamond that is heavily occluded or badly cut will appear grey and dull to the eye. It's the cut that creates the multicolored lights that emit from a diamond in the sun. Diamond cuts are rated from excellent to poor and the cut of the stone refers directly back to its cost.

The Four C's

Many people have heard of the four C's of diamond quality. That means cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The color, if the diamond is meant to be clear, ranges from colorless to yellowed. The color is represented by letters that begin with the letter D and goes to the letter Z. Most people, however, without a jeweler's loupe, would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a diamond rated at an F or an H in color.

When it comes to the stone's clarity, it's the lack of occlusions in the stone. Genuine diamonds are created by nature a great distance below the surface of the earth and may contain natural specks and spots. Clarity is graded from the numbers IF (rare) to 13 (lots of occlusions)

Finally, the carat weight of the diamond corresponds to its weight and size. The larger the stone, the rarer and more expensive it will be. This is where many shoppers make a mistake, however, when they sacrifice cut or clarity for a larger size stone. It's very possible that a better quality but slightly smaller diamond will appear larger due to its brilliance when on the finger.

Speak to a local jeweler to find your engagement ring today.

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