Men's Wedding Band Styles — The 4 Main Styles To Choose

Are you headed out to shop for a men's wedding band for yourself or your fiance? While much attention is usually given to a bride's wedding band, a groom's band is sometimes treated more as an afterthought. Many men may wear wedding bands that came as a matching set with their fiance's band, largely because it's more convenient.

But if you want to really find the right ring for your partner, a simple place to begin is by considering the four main band options. Here is what you should know about each.

1. Plain Band. The classic men's wedding ring is an unadorned ring of pure metal. This simplicity appeals to many men and it can be had on even a very tight budget. You can opt for any color metal, including white/silver platinum or palladium, true silver, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. 

2. Curved Band. If you want to add some style and adornment without going overboard, you can opt for some additional curves. The additional interest is formed by beveling the interior of the ring and/or etching the edges. They come in many designs, from artistic and intricate to bold and stately. Curved bands have more texture and personality but still, keep things simple and stylish. 

3. Diamond Band. Not afraid of being a little more flashy? Then remember that a bride isn't the only one who can rock diamonds on their rings. Men's diamond wedding bands often feature smaller and more close-fitting diamonds than a woman's band, but it can have as many or as few carats as you wish. Designs commonly utilize rows of small diamonds, small designs, or a larger gem set with some complimentary chips. 

4. Alternative Band. Modern grooms benefit from more variety and creativity in the jewelry market these days. You can now choose from different, more unusual metals like brilliant titanium, wood, or dark cobalt chrome. A groom who works with their hands, plays sports, or has a job which requires removal of rings may want to opt for a silicone wedding band. Medical-grade silicone is durable, snug, and doesn't snag on clothing. 

Which band is right for your wedding set? Whether the groom likes a traditional style or a more innovative one, men's wedding bands can please any wearer. Want to learn more about styles, metals, and options? Visit a quality wedding jewelry store in your area today. 


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