4 Ways To Personalize Jewelry Gifts For Your Wedding Attendants

When it comes to gifts for your attendants, few things are more popular than jewelry items. But rather than get something basic and cookie-cutter for all the people involved, why not personalize it? Personalizing jewelry doesn't mean spending a ton of money; it just means tailoring each gift to the wearer. Here are four easy ways to do just that. 

1. Use Birthstones. Birthstones are one of the easiest ways to make each attendant gift unique. You can even use the same overall jewelry piece or style, simply swapping out the main stone for each person's birth gem. If you aren't sure about an attendant's birth month or stone, diamond jewelry is always a good choice. Birthstones are a good way to harmonize gifts for both men and women in your party. 

2. Try a Signet Ring. Signet rings consist of bands — usually gold — with a flat surface on which the person's initial or name is engraved. It can be as elaborate or as simple as the receiver would prefer and which your budget will allow. You can add a few small diamonds to give it an extra kick of luxury, or engrave the flat surface if you want to add a personalized message 

3. Vary the Jewelry Pieces. Observe your attendants' style of wearing jewelry and then choose a different type based on their preferences. If you have an attendant who likes rings, for instance, you might opt for a signet or a fun set of stacking rings. If one isn't fond of rings, consider a bracelet or necklace instead. Look for a jewelry line with different components — including rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or hair combs — so that everyone receives a similar style gift but tailored to their own decorative styling. 

4. Use Their Monogram. There are many ways to use initials or a monogram. Get them as a set of earrings or charms on a bracelet. Pendants and rings also both come in bare initials and different gem or metal choices from plain gold to brilliant diamonds. Monogram jewelry is a great way to personalize gifts for a large wedding party or whose personal style you may not know. 

Whatever you do to personalize attendant gifts, the receivers will appreciate the extra effort. And you'll have created a gift that not only fulfills your gift-giving obligation but also creates a lasting memory the two of you will cherish.  

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