Moissanite Is An Excellent Engagement Ring Option

Many guidelines online suggest that a person should spend a certain percentage of their salary on an engagement ring. However, not everyone can do this, and there isn't a valid reason why you should. In reality, there are plenty of other engagement ring options that look just as good, are high-quality, and cost a fraction of that of a diamond.


Only a diamond ring with an FL, or flawless, rating will have impeccable clarity and any diamond with this rating is also incredibly expensive. Imperfections, or inclusions, is an issue moissanite owners don't have to worry much about. The only real flaw found in these stones is tiny pipe-like figures that are often displayed near the base of the stone. 

However, because this stone has such a high dispersion level, it's often hard to even spot the inclusions. The dispersion level is a reference to a gem's ability to cast light. So, instead of a flaw, you see a beautifully glaring stone. Moissanite also does not come along with the cloudiness that is often found in diamonds with a less than perfect clarity rating. 


Traditional diamonds require professional cleanings. Everyday actions like putting on lotion and doing the dishes can dirty the stone. Once a diamond is dirty, it loses much of its sparkle, even if it has a high clarity rating. There are some rings that come along with lifelong cleanings, but many don't. 

Instead, it's an expense that the ring owner has to pay out of pocket for. Professional cleanings might also require that the ring be dropped off for a few days, which means you won't have your ring. Moissanite rings do not require professional cleaning. A soft toothbrush and mild soap are generally sufficient enough to keep the stone clean. 


There is no need to worry that every person walking down the street will be able to look at your ring and spot that's it's not a diamond. One thing that often makes people feel this way is the idea that a moissanite and cubic zirconia are similar. 

It's important to understand that these two stones are nothing like one another. A cubic zirconia is often cloudy in appearance, have low dispersion levels, if any, and are not as hard as diamonds. Moissanite stones lack all of these unfavorable qualities and look just as beautiful as diamonds.

Moissanite engagement rings are fashioned in the same styles of traditional diamond rings, so if you're worried about finding a ring style your partner will love—there is no need to worry. 

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