Are You Planning To Propose Marriage To Your Sweetheart?

Does your girlfriend have any idea that you will be proposing marriage to her? Perhaps you have already been living under the same roof and she thought you would want to just keep life simple. On the other hand, maybe you have always talked about getting married some day. She just doesn't know that the time has come for you to propose marriage. How exciting! 

Do you already have an engagement ring for when you pop that all-important question? If not, from buying a ring at a jewelry store to arranging for diamond cutting for a ring of your own design, here are some ideas for you.

Shop At A Jewelry Store - Will you be shopping for wedding rings by yourself or will your sweetheart be shopping with you? Maybe you already have a general idea of what she wants because she has pointed out her favorites as you have window shopped. That will be truly helpful, won't it? And, of course, if your fiancé will be shopping with you, she'll help you to make the right selection.

Maybe you want the ring to be a total surprise. If so, consider your sweetheart's personality. If she is a traditional gal, she will probably want a diamond ring. On the other hand, if she likes things done a bit differently than other people, maybe another stone would suit her better. For example, you might select a ring with your fiancé's birthstone as the focal point. A pearl and diamond ring is another good choice.

Design The Ring Yourself - Maybe you have already been sketching a ring design because you want your sweetheart to have a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. And, maybe you want a special cut that you haven't been able to find in any of the jewelry stores you have visited. Consider going to a store that provides diamond cutting as one of its services.

A  professional diamond cutter has the training and the experience to create any shape you want. For example, maybe you want a heart-shaped diamond for your sweetheart's engagement ring. Or, maybe you want a hexagon-shaped ring. No matter the shape, the diamond cutter can make it happen.

The diamond cutter will also be happy to polish up your sketch. For example, maybe the design you sketched shows a very elaborate side view of the engagement ring. If that's the case, the ring cutter might suggest that you have a simple solitaire diamond. He or she will cut one that will fit the design you created perfectly.

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