2 Ways To Sell Off Old Jewelry

There are times when you are really tight on cash, and you need to come up with ways to come up with the money that you need so you can do whatever you need. There are several ways that you can do that. One way you can do that is to sell off old gold and silver jewelry that you no longer wear. How much money you can get out of your jewelry depends on a few things, including things like the current price on gold and silver and how pure the metal is. For example, you are going to get more for a piece that is 24k gold vs. one that is only 18k. The 24k gold piece is going to be purer and have more gold in it; therefore, it will be worth more. If you are going to sell your jewelry, how should you do it?

1. Pawn Shops

One option is to visit local pawn shops. When you go to the pawn shop, they are going to evaluate your jewelry by looking it over carefully and comparing it to other things. They may even call in outside people to take a look at it if they think that it is something that is rare or really expensive. Once they are done evaluating it, they will give you a price they are willing to offer. 

Actually, they will probably give you two prices, one for selling it outright and one for pawning it. The second price is going to be lower because they are going to have to store it and not sell it until you redeem it or default. You may be able to negotiate the amount you get with the pawnbroker so that you can get closer to the amount you are looking for. 

2. Jewelry Buyers

Jewelry buyers are people whose job is specifically to buy old jewelry that people don't want anymore. Generally, they take that jewelry and melt it down and then sell it as ingots, which companies can use to make more jewelry. There are different ways to do that. Some jewelry stores will have buyers who will buy your jewelry, but there are also companies where you can sell it. You may want to look into both places because one place may give you a better price and you might be able to negotiate a better price. 

If you need some money, you may want to look into selling jewelry that you don't wear anymore. For more information, contact your local jewelry sellers.

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