The Dos And Don'ts Of Buying Earrings For A Friend

When you want to get your friend a fun gift that's sure to be both useful and appreciated, earrings may just the way to go. When you start your online shopping for the perfect pair of earrings to give your friend, consider these dos and don'ts. When you look at the shopping experience in a deeper way, you can feel great about presenting the gift to your friend.

Do Observe Your Friend's Style

Before buying a pair of earrings for your friend, make a conscious effort to observe her style for at least a week or so. Look at the type of earrings she wears the most. See if she enjoys things that are colorful and bold. Consider whether your friend simply prefers earrings that are simple. If your friend doesn't have pierced ears, you may still consider clip-on earrings.

If your friend seems to have an eclectic style that changes often, try asking her about why she makes the fashion choices she does. She may simply be wearing certain clothes for work that she doesn't necessarily like, or she may feel shy about dressing the way she really wants to dress. Her answers can help you choose the right earrings that she will wear often.

Don't Settle for the First Earrings You Find

Unless you see a pair of earrings that just remind you of your friend the second, you see them, and you know that your buddy will shriek with excitement when she sees them, don't buy earrings from the first place you shop.

Do some comparison shopping to make sure that you are getting a good deal. It's also wise to make sure you see a big selection of earrings. Online shopping is ideal because it allows you to quickly peruse a wide variety of earrings without any sales pressure.

Do Look for Earrings That Match the Person's Passion

One way to ensure that your gift is a surefire hit is to look for earrings with the person's passions in mind. For example, if you know your friend is a cat enthusiast, choose some cute or elegant earrings that are cat-related. Similarly, if a friend has devoted her life to ice skating, some earrings pertaining to her passion are sure to delight her.  

Finally, keep in mind that shopping for earrings from your friend is entirely different from shopping for yourself. You may love a certain style, but your friend may not wear the same earrings you'd wear to work or a party. Take the time to select earrings based on your friend's style, personality, and preferences. She is sure to thank you for it! 

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