Wristwatches In The Smartphone Era

The wristwatch is a simple but often amazingly luxurious accessory that many people suggested would disappear once the majority of the population had a smartphone at their side. Despite these gloomy projections, the end is not near for the personal timepiece. Like libraries and books that were also deemed as soon-to-be extinct, the watch industry saw a slight dip and is now rebounding. It seems that many people return to the classics for many different reasons. Here are three explanations as to why watches are still adorning so many wrists:

Appreciating the Style

Luxury watches and even well-designed economy models add an elegant touch to an outfit. Wristwatches are, after all, an accessory. As much effort is given to their visual appeal as their effectiveness. When watches are quality-made they are often kept for decades and passed down for generations. 

Honoring a Tradition

Many people enjoy wearing watches because it was something they learned from watching their parents and grandparents. They may have begun wearing their own at a young age and checking the time with a quick tip of the wrist became a comfortable habit that is difficult to stop even when the watch is removed. People that wear designer brands also typically appreciate the history of the company and the elegant appeal of the name. Wearing an expensive watch is a status symbol to them that reminds them of their achievements whenever they check the time.

Enjoying the Convenience

The right wrist watch is able to go places that smartphones cannot. This could be locations as diverse as checking the time during a college exam or in the middle of the ocean scuba diving. Yes, there are cases and phones designed for submersion in water, but they still cannot outdo the convenience of strapping a lightweight watch to a wrist. Also convenient is not needing to bring a charger along everywhere to make certain of always having the time. Watches are also easy to use without causing too much illumination in a dark theater. 

Wristwatches are appealing because they do what people insist on today; they offer instant gratification. They provide instant luxury and checking the time is immediate. Watches also offer additional helpful features like information for multiple time zones, operating as a stopwatch and displaying the date. Many are also now available with a number of innovative, digital features that make them as much fun for a tech-fan as any smartphone. 

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