3 Things To Know About Sapphire Before Going Shopping For An Engagement Ring

If your love has let you know that they are not interested in a diamond engagement ring, but instead want something colorful, a great alternative is a sapphire ring. The sapphire ring is extremely strong and comes in many different vibrant color, making it a great alternative stone for an engagement ring for someone who wants something colorful but also long-lasting. Here are a few things that you should know about sapphire stones before you go engagement ring shopping together.

#1 The Meaning Of A Sapphire Stone

When you chose a stone for your engagement ring, you are not just picking it based on its color, but also based on the story that it tells. Sapphires tell a really beautiful story. They have been known throughout time to signify knowledge, truth and purity. In regards to couples, through the ages a sapphire stone used for a wedding or engagement band was meant to show that the couple's relationship was founded on being sincere with one another as well as being faithful to one another.

Sapphire stones were also popular in royal ring settings and in the ring settings of religious priests since the stone was seen to convey the idea that they are knowledgably and have lots of wisdom to give people.

#2 Where Sapphire Comes From

Sapphires are made out of a particular mineral. This mineral is corundum. The mineral corundum actually creates two different stones, both sapphires and rubies. The biggest different between sapphires and rubies are that rubies are all stones that are red and made out of corundum and all other stones that are made out of corundum are considered sapphires.

Sapphires are found naturally in many different parts of the world, from the United States to China to Madagascar to Australia and Afghanistan. You should be able to find out the origin of any modern stone that you purchase, if where it was mined is something that is important to you.

#3 Taking Care Of A Sapphire Ring

One of the great things about a sapphire ring is that it should be really strong and sturdy, as it is made out of a very resilient gemstone. However, sapphires can actually be scratched by stones that are stronger, specifically diamonds. If you ever take your sapphire ring off, you are going to want to store it inside of a ring box or case, not in an open jewelry compartment, where it could get scratched and damaged. Also, you should not wear your sapphire ring into chlorinated water as the chlorination could damage or dilute the color of the ring. 

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